NINGBO DECHOU PRECISION ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD was established in May 2003, is located in Emerging Industrial park, Lihuaqiao village, Shounan street, Yinzhou area, Ningbo City, Zhejiang province, covers an area of more than 60 acres, with offices in dongguan. Company owns several advanced integrated circuit and LED lead frame surface treatment automatic production line, and equipped with advanced high-speed precision punching machine, injection molding machine, from material, mold development to surface treatment processing, production and LED and LED module encapsulation adhesive, forming an integrated, one-stop production and processing, research and development and sales system.

Companies adhere to the concept of quality leads the market, imported from Germany, Japan advanced precision testing equipment and instruments, to recruit elite talent, in integrated circuit and LED lead frame and LED module has lead the industry. At the same time, the company invested tens of millions of independent sewage treatment station, water biochemical treatment and gray water recycle system, realizes the energy-saving cycle economic model.

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  • Tooling desing and development

      The company has the ability to engage in the design and development of IC and LED stamping precision toolings and LED assembly moldings, and invest in the stamping of IC and LED leads and LED assembly molding production.
  • IC and LED Lead frame production

      The company is equipped with advanced IC and LED high-speed precision stamping machine, various IC and LED precision toolings, and has independent IC and LED lead frame production capability. At the same time, it is equipped with advanced IC and LED lead frame silver plating line to meet different kinds of silver plating production.
  • IC and LED Tin plating

      The company has automatic production lines of fog tin, bright tin and high-speed tin plating. It is mainly engaged in IC and LED fog tin, bright tin and high-speed tin plating. Its business is all over the country and is at the leading level in the tin plating industry in East China.
  • LED MASK and mouding compound

      The company produces LED compound, which is a necessary packaging material for LED assembly. It forms an integrated production and sales system with LED stamping and electroplating processing.